Friday, September 13, 2013

A Word fro EVOKED!

We would like to thank our long time great friends at RAZOR 94.7 WZOR. They have been there since the beginning and we thank them for always being by our side! We'd like to thank our true, long-time fans, our close friends and family and everyone out there that cares for our success. There is so much talent out there, especially in the area where we're from. We thank you for taking the time to actually show your support to us. We thank those that are there when our momentum is high - when we really need people to spread the word. Things like that do not go unnoticed! Thank you all for your support... you know who you are! See you tonight at the SOLD OUT Edgefest and tomorrow night at The Fillmor in Wausau! Big thanks to DLMlive-Razor 94.7 for this vid!

  • Daniel Lee Maas Many thanks to the professional level bands like Evoked bring to our area! feedback is what fuels the soul and I would say a sold out show that is out doors to boot is a heaping scoop of encouragement for all! DLMlive cannot express enough thanks for the kindness expressed by so many fantastic bands and artists in our area! I cant wait to see my friends Evoked destroy the stage tonight! \m/

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