Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Local news on Pale Gray Sky and Profane!

Just a couple of quick bits on Pale Gray Sky and Profane. Here is a post from Joe Schermitzler's post on facebook: PGS is done till further notice. Maybe for good. When a band turns down over 20 shows, yeah...been counting in a span of three to four months obviously other things are priority. Thank you to all who supported and followed the band. RIP It appears that we won't be hearing from PGS for a while. Let's hope this is not the case! I spoke with Johnny from Profane the other day. He told me that the band is practicing a couple of times a week working on the new cd. I know I said they would have a new song soon, but it now appears that they are going to finish the album first before unleashing their new single. Either way, new music from Profane is a good thing!!! Pete Burns

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